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Hi There!

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and a devout Christian.  I spend my days taking care of my family doing, you know, "Mom stuff".  What keeps me sane you ask?  Well, for one, the Grace of God.  I spend a lot of time praying.  Secondly, I love music.  I spend a lot of time dancing around the house.  I listen to pretty much everything under the sun.  One minute will be worship music, the next will be old school hip-hop.  I love it all!!!  

Personal traits about me: 

  • I have a big heart.  I feel the happiness and pain all my clients endure in their lives.  I truly care.  And, I'm pretty sure I've cried at every wedding I've ever photographed.
  • I may be tiny, but I am mighty ;)  You might find me climbing trees, lifting heavy furniture, or laying in the dirt just to get that PERFECT photo!
  • I am a perfectionist!  I strive to get that perfect photo in each and every one of my sessions.  I like to color coordinate my studio sessions with outfits and props too.
  • I love watching movies, bike riding, fishing (yes...I even put my own worm on the hook), walks in the forest, and my ultimate favorite is the ocean.  I hope to move by the ocean someday!
  • Summer is my favorite time of the year.  I can't get enough sun and warmth.  It makes me happy. 
  • Every Sunday we attend Legacy Vineyard Church in Lockport http://www.legacyvineyard.org. It has changed our lives and has produced so much love in our family. I strongly believe that if you have a peace within yourself, that caries into the people you photograph and makes for a very wonderful experience.

Fugger Photography is rated 5 stars since it opened in 2008.  Fugger Photography produces and provides high quality images and products.  Overall, I just want you to have a wonderful experience with me.  It makes me happy when you are happy. 


Please take a moment to view my work: http://www.fuggerphotography.com/f578795532


Thank you for your interest and I look forward to seeing you soon,

Tina Fugger

Fugger Photography



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